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        The Office's predecessor (forerunner), the Instrument Center, was established in 1991. It was responsible for providing unified management of high-precision and common-use instrument. It was hoped that this integrated and dedicated unit would improve working efficiency and enable equipment to be put to as good use as possible. In 1995, the Center's service scope was extended to matters pertaining to research administration, such as assisting applications for research grants, contracts, etc., along with providing project application information and consulting services. The Center was therefore renamed the Administrative Office of Research Affairs.
The University continued to expand, and the grants and contacts were growing. In order to continue to improve its administrative and technical support services and achieve a higher level of efficiency, in 2001, the Center was further extended to "the Office of Research and Development", which consisted of four divisions, including Administration for Research and Development, Core Instrument Center, Microscopy Center , and Laboratory Animal Center.


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