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Service synopsis

Research Administration Section 

  • Research and development funds information collection.
  • Investigation and statistics of faculties’ research results.
  • Administrative matters concerning research project application, reviews, and execution (including CGU research project).
  • Grants and rewards application.
  • Matters regarding students’ attending international conferences.
  • Post-doc research personnel application and reviewing.
  • Strengthening CGU’s research capacity, which is part of the project subsidized by the Ministry of Education to boost domestic universities to international A-list universities.

Instrumentation Center

  • Planning, managing, operating, and maintaining core instruments such as the DNA sequencing analyzer and the fluorescence flow cytometer.
  • Supervising the correct operation of core instruments.
  • Holding training workshops to demonstrate the operation of instruments.
  • Setting the user’s manual and fee information.

The Microscopy Center –

  • Managing and maintaining the operation of microscopes.
  • Supervising the correct operation of microscope observation.
  • Setting the user’s manual and fee information.

The Laboratory Animal Center –

  • Handling the ordering, raising, and health monitoring of the laboratory animals.
  • Providing laboratory animal technical support such as anaesthesia, pain management, post-surgery care and euthanasia, and so on.
  • Managing animal carcass, contaminated items, and other eliminated instruments.
  • Managing the selection of animals, disease quarantine, and infection control.