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Strategic Goals


Administration for Research and Development 

In conjunction with the university's goal of becoming a research-intensive university, the Office will continue to build up well-constructed regulations, laws, and rules for research development and management.l or material sciences.
Assisting the university in integrating internal and external resources, and and facilitating cross-collegiate cooperation in research.
To build up well-constructed research database for the index of university development.


Core Instrument Center 

To establish more advanced core instruments and an appropriate environment for academic faculties in their research and teaching.
To upgrade the service via continuous training of operators in the core instruments in a mission-oriented way.

Microscopy Center

To set up facilities including transmission electron microscope, scanning electron microscope, laser scanning confocal microscope, and so forth.
To maintain all facilities in a good condition or replace, if necessary, them with a newer setting-up.
To provide technical service in preparation of specimens and operation of facilities in the center.
To arrange training courses for all colleagues who are interested in using facilities in the center.

Laboratory Animal Center

To meet the experimental requirement of each researcher for animal research.
To advance the research quality of the university via promoting high-level transgenic animal investigation.
To ensure that the animal husbandry and research of the university meet the national standard.