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 Research Administration Section

To support academic faculties in understanding sources of research projects.
To assist faculties in their application for research grants and contracts provided by the National Science and Technology Council, the Ministry of Education, and other government organizations.
To provide effective and efficient administrative service for grants and contracts.
To manage the research database, including projects, papers, and awards.


Instrumentation Center

To provide service in using core instruments for academic faculties in their research and teaching.
To provide training courses and consultation for using core instruments for researchers.
To coordinate the instrument resources for integrated research projects.

Microscopy Center

To establish core facilities that include various imaging systems such as transmission electron microscope, scanning electron microscope, and laser scanning confocal microscope, all of which are tools necessary for studies of either biomedical or material sciences.
To upgrade all microscopes in the center, especially laser scanning confocal microscope, in order to reach a higher level of application.

Laboratory Animal Center 

To provide services for animal husbandry and embryo cryo-preservation.
To provide services for generation of transgenic /knockout mice.
To stipulate regulations for animal handling and experiment.