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1. CGU: The Experimental Animal Care and Use Committee and Regulation

2. CGU: Regulation for Faculty Research Achievements and Documentation

3. CGU: MOE Funding for Student Attending the International Academic Conferences (Including Mainland China)

4. Regulation on Faculty Co-appointment with Chang Gung Medical Hospital (CGMH) (last modified on 2023/5/10)

5. CGU: Regulation for Research Ethics Evaluation

6. CGU: Administrative Procedures for Implementing Research Projects

7. CGU: Research Project Management Regulation

8. CGU: Application Guidelines for CGURP Research Projects

9. CGU: Procedures for Student Report and Expense Claim for Attending International Conferences

10. CGU: Guidelines for Reviewing Research Involving Human Subjects

11. CGU: Postdoctoral Appointment Regulation

12. Chang Gung Medical Research Project Management Regulation  (http://lnkwww.cgmh.org.tw/部門版面行政中心醫學研究部)

13. CGU: Research Funding Subsidy Regulation

14. CGU: Regulation of Research Involving Human Subjects   (http://lnkwww.cgmh.org.tw/部門版面行政中心醫學研究部)

15. CGU: Faculty Research Award Subsidy Regulation

16. CGMH: Guidelines for Faculty Research Award Subsidy Application (http://lnkwww.cgmh.org.tw/部門版面行政中心醫學研究部)

17. CGU: Freezer and Refrigerator Management Guidelines

18. CGU: Notice of Announcement for the Research Projects Funded by Ministry of Science and Technology

19. CGU: Academic Research Integrity Committee and Guidelines

20. CGU: Guidelines for Academic Research Ethics Education

21. CGU: Guidelines for Research Ethics and Conduct